Pandit Raj Guruji Puja Services

We bring you a number of puja's for an easy living. Puja always has a significant role in our lives. This traditional prayer ritual is a daily routine work for Hindus. Doing Puja at a bigger level for particular causes and for particular deities is common in Hindus.

The process leads to worshiping of several gods and deities. Done occasionally, these puja's have worked as great healing ways for many people from years. Every puja has its own significance and you can consult us regarding the puja that will do good to you or just ask for what puja do you want and when do you want, we will be there with our finest puja services.

Our list of includes following pujas done with highly expertise.

Durga Matha Puja

Worshiping Goddess Durga, the durga puja has its own significance in Hindus. It is an occasion,which brings strength and unity in the family. It raises the power and strength to do bigger works.Durga Mata puja is also an opening for reunion of family relationships.

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Hanuman Puja

This Puja is to remove fear from all the minds and souls of a family. People who have Shani (Saturday's) bad effects over them are also advised for hanuman puja. Tuesday is Hanuman's day and hymning Hanuman prayers is very effective in eliminating fear from your lives.

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Lord Ganesha Puja

One should never forget to do lord Ganesha's puja while starting a business or new job in order to keep everything smooth. People often prefer to start every puja with lord Ganesha's puja first. It helps eliminating every hitch in the path and turns out to be a great way for a successful career.

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Shivji Ka Rudhra Homa

Used to invoke Lord Shiva's Grace, homa is a practice that cleans every disorder. One can worship the lord of lords, Shiva, just for keeping everything in balance.Homa is a way to connect with fire, which is one of the five elements.

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Kali Mata Bali Puja

All the evil and demonic forces, every black magic, negative energies, witchcraft, voodoo etc. vanishes if one performs kali Mata Bali Puja. Performed under strict rules, this puja is a work of expertise only. You can be free from any curse or jinx with this puja.

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Shri Krishna Prayers

Relationship problems need Krishna Prayers to go smooth. Love problems, marriage conflicts, misunderstandings, separations and divorces require Shree Krishna Puja for get back on track with the love life.

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Gow Mata Prayers

If you are among those students who work hard but still score low or fail in big, competitive exams, then Gow Mata prayers are very helpful. It increases the chances of going abroad in order to complete the education.

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There are several other special puja's too that are done on demand by us. Pujas on birthday, anniversaries, and on other occasions also play a major role in renovating our way of living life. Consult now for any one of the above-mentioned pujas and discover a completely new environment to live.